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Our team at the Modern Medi Spa is comprised of trained professionals who are here to help you achieve confidence in yourself. Sclerotherapy is a great way to help improve the appearance of spider and varicose veins that might have left you feeling self-conscious.

Sclerotherapy treats:

  • Varicose Veins
  • Spider Veins

The benefits of a sclerotherapy treatment include:

  • Helps take away the pain caused by varicose veins
  • A fairly easy procedure that only takes a short period of time
  • Quick recovery period so that you can get back to your day
  • Fewer risks than surgery
  • Suitable for blood vessels and lymph vessels

How does sclerotherapy work?

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical treatment, which means a less invasive procedure so that you can get back to your life and don’t have to deal with the recovery times that come after surgeries. The procedure is purely done through injection, and it is used to treat a variety of blood lymph vessel disorders.

This includes varicose veins and spider veins. The injected solution is known as a sclerosant, and it is directly injected into the offending blood vessel by a medical professional. It irritates the vessel, which causes it to swell, cutting off the blood flow so that the vessel shrinks.

Sometimes, a numbing agent can be provided for the treatment to help ease any discomfort felt. However, you should speak to the team first as you may need to avoid the use of certain lotions and oils before coming in for treatment.

How long does treatment take?

There isn’t really any downtime after this procedure, but it is important to stay active so that you can keep the blood flowing and prevent potential blood clots from forming. You may also need to wear compression socks after treatment for the same reason.

Does it hurt?

This can vary from person to person. Some patients feel nothing at all, while some may experience a tingling sensation or even slight burning in the injection area.

What happens after the treatment?

On the affected area, redness can be observed after the treatment. Scabs may also form. But there is no need to worry. These are small and will fall off on their own during the healing period.

What to do after getting the treatment?

  • Refrain from touching the treated area.
  • Use a mild cleanser to clean the treated area.
  • Gently clean using your fingers.
  • If the area feels hot or irritated, apply a cold compress.
  • Apply moisturizing or healing cream as prescribed by our physicians.
  • Do not engage in any strenuous activity within 48 hours after getting the treatment.
  • Do not go to saunas or swimming pools within 48 hours after getting the treatment.
  • Always use a sunblock or avoid sun exposure.

Are there any side effects?

Usually, the side effects are quite minimal. You are likely to experience some bruising, redness, and swelling around the treated area for a few days after. It may also be a little sensitive or even painful during this time. Some develop temporary blood vessels that vanish after a few days.

If you experience any burning sensations, it is best to call your doctor for advice as this could be an allergic reaction to the treatment. In very rare cases, you may also experience blood clots which should be treated urgently. Any tightness in the chest or dizziness after a sclerotherapy treatment should be seen to urgently.