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We specialize in all skin types from Nicole Kidman to Whoopi Goldberg.

Our Certified Medical Practitioners provide free skin analysis to assess your needs. Our philosophy is to provide you with the most effective treatment that best suits your skin.

We are always honest and passionate about what we do

Your success is our success! 

PRP/Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP FACE $499 (Regular $550)
PRP HAIR $599 ONLY per tx

See full details of this treatment under Medical Aesthetics – Vampire Facelift

Lipolysis/Fat Melting Injections

3 Small Areas $1200 (Regular $1500)
3 Medium Areas $1920
(Regular $2400)
3 Large Areas $2400 (Regular $3000)

Soft Face Lift

40 units of Botox
1 syringe of Filler

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Pixel Resurfacing

This is a non-surgical solution for firmer and smoother skin. Treatment is painless, enjoyable and relaxing.

Buy 1 Tx $199
(Regular $399)

Laser Hair Removal

Soprano XL uses pulses of infrared diode laser energy to gradually heat the hair follicles in the subdermal layer of skin until eventually, the hair can no longer grow.

Buy 6 Treatments
Get 30% OFF

IPL Photo Facial

Effectively improves skin texture, eliminating discolorations such as brown spots, age spots, broken capillaries and rosacea, a condition that causes blotchy redness in the face. It reduces pore size, while minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

IPL FACE treatment $125 min. 3 tx’s
(Regular $249)
Hands 3 treatments $119

Get your skin looking firmer!

The goal of this therapy is to improve skin tone and texture, tighten skin, and soften lines and pores. Results begin to show 1-2 weeks after the treatment session and continue to improve with time. 

Skin Tightening 3 Face treatments $719
(regular $897)

Skin Tightening Body 3 treatments $406