We provide a free skin analysis to assess your needs and help improve the appearance of your skin.  Our philosophy is to provide you with the most effective treatment that best suits your skin.  Choose one of our services below and save.

Botox or Dysport 50 units for $375 or $7.99 per unit

Botox and Dysport can reduce the appearance of finelines by temporarily inactivating muscles.


Platelet Rich Plasma Facial 3 Treatments $1500

PRP uses your own platelets to improve your skin tone, tightness, pigmentation and texture.  


Tear Trough Filler $549

The only filler safe for under the eyes. Minimize the appearance of dark circles, deep hollows and fine lines under the eye.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Save 15% on all packages

A pain-free approach to remove unwanted hair.  Hair is destroyed at the root by the only method approved by FDA for permanent removal.  Can be used on all skin types.

IPL/Photofacial 3 Treatments $375

IPL therapy can help repair damaged skin and reverse the affects of aging.  The intense light reveals brighter healthier looking skin.

Microneedling Buy 3 treatments get 1 FREE

Microneedling uses fine needles to penetrate your skin and stimulate collagen production. The results are healthier, younger looking skin.

Temple Filler $499

Dermal fillers in your temple area can help replace volume lost and reduce hollowing that naturally occurs in this area.

Herbal B-Peel 3 treatments for $279

This peel uses herbs and is massaged into the skin for improved circulation and to stimulate regeneration.

Non-surgical Nose Lift  prices range from $399 – $499

Improve the shape of your nose with this non-invasive nose lift.  Using fillers to add volume where needed, your nose can be given a new look.

Hyperhydrosis Underarm prices range from $449 – $749

Improve excessive sweating by temporarily blocking signals that stimulate sweat glands to prevent sweating in the treatment area.

Vasculyse Treatments
3/15 min. treatments $199,3/30 min $315, 3/45 min $450, 3/60 min $525

Vasculyse is a non-invasive method for removing unsightly skin conditions such as broken capillaries, ruby points, skin tags and more.

Skin Booster Neck, Hands and Décolletage
3 treatments $1500

This specialized filler targets dull complexion, fine lines on your neck, hands and décolletage to boost skin, improving its overall appearance.

Fat Melting Injections
small area $600 each or 3 treatments for $1499
medium area $1000 each or 3 treatments for $2999
large area $1500 each or 3 treatments for $3999

Natural and organic procedure to remove unwanted fatty deposits injections, designed to sculpt and shape your body and face.